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About us and paying with digital currencies

Beryl Media is an existing seller of consumer electronics, based in the Netherlands. It started in 2017 as a start-up through the entrepreneurship program of the University of Amsterdam. After changing concepts in 2019, focusing on e-commerce and providing unique, future focused payment methods, giving customers the option to pay with crypto was within the first concept of Beryl Media. Berylmedia.eu is the first broad range seller of consumer electronics accepting multiple crypto coins as a payment method for all of Europe.

We sell a wide range of consumer electronics. From smartphones to kitchen and household appliances, computers, camera’s and everything in between. We only sell new and premium brand products and currently offer over 5000 different products.

The growth of the organization has ensured it to be able to gather a team with the needed skills and finding functional contacts. With this they have developed an innovative, future focused platform.

At Beryl Media consumers get the opportunity to purchase their products with cryptocurrencies. The most well known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is the worlds most used alternative currency with a marketcapitalisation of over 500 billion dollars. The Bitcoin network consists of a network made up of an uncountable number of computers from people all over the world. Cryptocurrencies are, with the correct usage, the safest and most innovative currency that exists. For more information about payments with crypto check our the payment page.

Over 5000 products

At the moment we offer over 5000 high quality consumer products. We strive to expand on our inventory whenever we can.


We maintain sustainable relationships with established parties to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

4.6/5 Customer Feedback

Our customers praise us with a high feedback score for our quality and service

For information, questions or B2B send us and e-mail at contact@berylmedia.nl

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